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Diagnostic cartridges for POC virus detection

Until every country is able to sustainably confine Covid-19, societies and businesses will not be able to regain former life styles and growth raising our stakes to unprecedented levels. Hopefully, we will have a vaccine against COVID-19 one day. But up to then, the only solution to prepare and manage further waves is testing, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine.

Providing large enough test capacities is a major challenge. Large central labs can very efficiently carry out multiple tests in parallel at low price. However, the whole process may consume too much time to effectively mitigate the pandemic risks.
Therefore, decentralized on the spot point-of-care (POC) patient testing are key and unconditional, providing results well below 1 hour, minimizing further spreading and offering the key to efficiently and effectively regaining and maintaining economic and social prosperity.

POC testing occurs on a considerably smaller assay base with specially tailored plastic cartridges containing testing reagents. Commonly used production techniques like thermo-bonding, ultrasonic welding or adhesive joining are ill-suited for this process due to contamination risk, insufficient precision, inadequate speed and high cost.

First generation plastic laser welding machines offer a clear advantage in comparison, while nevertheless suffering from high maintenance requirements related to their water-cooling systems, high component wear, size and limited production process and seaming flexibility.

Turnkey S and Modula integration units, representing the second-generation plastic laser welding technology, are uniquely positioned to produce the full range of lateral flow assays up to complex micro/macro-fluidic cartridges reliably, fast, precise and flexible at a fraction of widely applied but outdated technologies.

Turnkey S and Modula OFFER:

VirusIcon2 Compact quickly ready-to-use solution

VirusIcon2 Different configuration choices for contour or mask welding

VirusIcon2 Welding area of 150x100 mm covering the vast majority of cartridge ranges

VirusIcon2 High precision across small / densely packed fluid cartridge channels to larger layouts

VirusIcon2 Rotary table as option to increase productivity (Turnkey S)

VirusIcon2 Small footprint minimizing production space

VirusIcon2 Integration option into highly optimized special machine (Modula)

VirusIcon2 Modula Assembly Inline very easily integrated in conveyer system or large rotary table


VirusIcon2 No contamination by adhesive or ultrasonic welding particles

VirusIcon2 No heat impact and vibrations on reagents

VirusIcon2 Continuous uniform weld seam quality


VirusIcon2 10x to 20x faster processing than traditional technologies

VirusIcon2 Low maintenance capex of air-cooled laser system vs. 1st generation water cooling technologies

VirusIcon2 Cost savings up to 80% compared to commonly applied technologies