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Laser classes

Lasers are divided into four safety classes. The welding lasers for plastics are always of the highest laser class 4. Built into a closed housing with safety sensors, so that the laser can only emit when all doors are closed, become laser class 1. Systems like our Turnkey S and M machines are laser class 1 in respect to the welding laser.
In respect to the red pilot laser for setup, our machines are always of laser class 2. 

Laser class 1 & 1M

With laser class 1, the accessible laser power is harmless or is not accessible by a safe housing. 
With 1M, the laser radiation is harmless as long as no optical instruments such as magnifying glasses or binoculars are used.

Laserklasse1 EN1  Laserklasse1 DE2  Laserklasse1M EN

Laser class 2 & 2M

Laser class 2 is only valid for lasers with visible light. They have a power < 1 mW. The eyelid closure reflex is sufficient as a protective function under normal circumstances.
With laser class 2M no magnifying instruments may be used, so that laser power into the eye cannot rise above 1 mW of laser class 2. 

Laserklasse2 EN1  Laserklasse2 DE2 Laserklasse2M EN2

Laser class 3R & 3B

The laser class 3R is dangerous for the eye and laser class 3B for the skin with direct irradiation. The laser class 3R is limited to < 5 mW at visible wavelengths. The laser class 3B goes at visible and near infrared wavelengths up to 0.5 W.
If the laser beam is accessible, protective glasses must be worn.

Laserklasse3R EN2 Laserklasse3B EN2

Laser class 4

Laser class 4 is dangerous for the eye and the skin - even with diffuse scattered radiation. There is also a fire hazard for many materials.
For accessible class 4 lasers, it is essential to wear adequate safety glasses and prevent radiation on the skin.

Laserklasse4 EN1  Laserklasse4 EN2

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