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Electronics and electronic components

  • Housings for sensitive electronics
  • Window of displays
  • Membranes on housing (air pressure/humidity exchange)
  • Buttons and control elements
  • Fuses

An important application of laser welding of plastics in the electronics industry are housings, as already listed in the automotive sector. Hermetically sealed welding without vibrations, which can damage electronic components or printed circuit boards, is important.

Windows of displays are another frequent application. In addition to tight weld seams, the optical quality of the weld seam can also be an advantage allowing the weld seam to be visible and not to be hidden. Also the outer surface of the window is not impaired by the laser.

Another area of application in electronics is the welding of thin foils onto the housings of push buttons or other operating elements without damaging the foil. Similar to this are membranes in housings, which for example are permeable to air for pressure exchange but keep moisture off.