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Consumer goods

  • Appliances and washing machines
  • Window of displays
  • Ink cartridges and stationery
  • Covers and casings
  • ...

In the consumer goods sector, many different applications from plastics can be laser welded and are therefore difficult to group into subcategories.

Household appliances often involve tight welding for liquids under pressure, such as containers and tube connections in coffee machines or washing machines. It is often also important that no particles are produced by the welds - especially if filters or fine nozzles can be clogged, as for example with ink cartridges or stationary.
For appliances, electronic sub-assemblies and displays are also an important application for laser plastic welding.

Laser welding can also be used to weld covers and casings. The flexibility to weld different contours is important and not to damage the surface of the foils or plates.