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Swiss Plastics Expo - booth and presentation showcase

At Swiss Plastics Expo in Lucerne from 21st-23rd January we present our entire product portfolio with Turnkey S, Turnkey M and the Modula machine components in hall 2 booth D2111.
Additionally, we will show in a short presentation on stage how we solved a welding application in medical technology: a thin delicate filter membrane had to be joined leak-tight and without impairment of its functionality in a multi-part plastic housing.

 logo swissplasticsexpo  cut2

Bild Filterassembly


October 2019 - Turnkey M presented at K trade fair

One year after the Turnkey S, the larger Turnkey M will be presented at the K trade fair (Hall 4, Stand B14). It is suitable for work-pieces up to half a meter in size. As the Turnkey S it is also based on a modular building framework and can be configured to fit the work-pieces to be welded and the customer requirements.

Turnkey M 1Turnkey M 2Stand Homepage v2


June 2019 - collimated line optics in portfolio

For mask welding, a collimated line optics is now also available. In contrast to the normal line optics, the laser beam no longer diverges but is parallel, so that the shadow projected by the mask is no longer distorted. Additionally, the angle of incidence of the collimated line optics is no longer completely vertical but slightly inclined, so that back reflections from the mask cannot go back into the laser.

MaskeDiv ENMaskeKoll EN

Optics BasicLineColl reduced


April 2019 - radial optics new in portfolio

Complementing the existing optics portfolio, a radial optic is now also available for simultaneous welding of cylindrical parts on the circumference. Work-pieces up to 56 mm in diameter can be welded in the new radial optics.

Radial red RadialDim EN

RadialLab tubing


October 2018 - first appearance at Fakuma trade fair

At Fakuma we present for the first time our modular machines for plastic welding at the Swiss Plastics booth in hall B4 booth 4301.

On the one hand the Turnkey S as a compact ready-for-use machine, which can be configured depending on the work-pieces to be welded. For example, with axes for the contour process or with a scanner for a quasi-simultaneous process type. With its compact size and modular design, it is unique on the market.

On the other hand, we also present our Modula machine components for integration by special machine building. Besides the laser unit with process control and optics, the clamping unit and motion axes are also available as components.

TurnkeySopen drawer axis reduced TurnkeySopen rotary scan reduced BoothProByLas Fakuma18red 



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