Ready-to-use or for integration

In view of the large variety of components to be welded and the specific requirements of customers, the ProByLas machines are modular in design. From our modular system of components, the individual machines can be configured according to your wishes.
During the development of the machines we also paid attention for space-saving design, so that the machines can be realized in a compact housing and the space in your production facility or laboratory is optimally used.

ready-to use Turnkey systems

The Turnkey machines are configured to your needs from the same components as the Modula units.
The Turnkey systems can be adapted to the parts you need to weld so that an overall solution is delivered. The machine only needs to be connected to the electrical grid and, depending on the configuration, to compressed air.

Modula for integration

If a special machine is required for the your parts or if the adaptations to our Turnkey systems would be too extensive, we also offer the individual modules under the name Modula.
For the integration of the modules we also offer our support for your special machine building department or external special machine builder.