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Turnkey - ready-to-use & modular configurable

The Turnkey machines are based on Modula components. Thanks to the modular framework they can be configured fitting the part to weld and according to customer requirements. The Turnkey machines need only to be connected to the electrical mains and, depending on the configuration, to compressed air.

The Turnkey S and Turnkey M are similar based on the possible modules and technical data. Their primary difference is the size of parts, which can be welded in the machines:

  • Turnkey S: for parts up to 150 x 100 mm
  • Turnkey M: for parts up to 500 x 400 mm

For part handling the Turnkey machines can be equipped with drawers or rotary indexing tables. Integration into a transfer system with work-piece carriers is also possible by individual adaptations for specific transfer systems.

Turnkey Machines