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Optics - modular design

Like the machines also the optics have a modular design to cover many different possibilities.
In addition to the most commonly used spot optics, other geometries of the laser beam such as line, area, or ring are possbile. With DOE (diffractive optical elements) also any contours are possible.
Depending on the beam shape, either the contour process or the simultaneous process is used.

Special versions of optics are the ball and the scanner optics. The ball optics allows the components to be pressed together with the rolling glass ball instead of a clamping unit.
With the scanner, the motion system is integrated directly into the optics.

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An optics consists of 3 different sections:

  • Fiber connector with collimation of the laser to a parallel beam - depending on type lens with different diameter
  • Base body in simple design or with integrated measurement of laser power and optional pyrometer for non-contact temperature signal (100-400 °C)
  • beam shaping elements

In addition, an optional mini camera can be mounted at the bottom of the optics for setting up or observing the process.

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